Hey Guys, Being in Istanbul means living into two time zones between modern life and old cultural period
It is the time now to discover more about our history and culture

Our coming event will be a tour to one of the oldest ottoman palaces  ( Topkapı sarayı ) where you can experince how did the royal family lived and how was the sultan helding his meets, 

also enjoy the amazing view of istanbul with the teras of the palace

After we finish Topkapi palace we will go to the archeology museum which same area and there we will see a lot of  Old original Statues It dates back to different eras with many antiques
Make sure to have the  müzekart ( museum card ) otherwise you will pay around 600 tl for the enterance. 

28/10/2023 - 13:00
Around 600 TL unless you have "Müze Kart"